By J A R Melendres

My career path with a major retailer started after college. I was so stoked because I thought to myself, 'Finally! I get to go out in the real world and make something of myself.’ Boy, I was wrong!

In the local college that I attended I was taking an Associates program in Business Management. I was an artistic person in my younger years. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, and to be a successful one at that. I wanted a profession that can marry those two industries together, but I did not want to go to any fashion mecca like New York or Paris. My choices were limited.

Pensive— I thought: if I go to Seattle instead and try out for that market, maybe I can have my own studio and make a name for myself. Part of me was not that confident. After all, I was a newbie, fresh from college. Then, I heard from the job market circuit that a new retailer (and to protect their reputation, no names given) was about to open for the autumn season. They were in the process of hiring qualified associates, regardless of their background. Eureka! This was my answer! This was the marriage of the two industries that I was passionate about: fashion and business.

So, I applied in mid-July of that year and about a day later I received a phone call from the hiring manager. They said to come to the Silverdale Beach Hotel. This was where they were interviewing potential employees. Made sense. In this period the store was still in its skeletal phase. When they recruit the people, these newbies will then fill the store with all the goodies that this retailer had to offer.

In the morning of the interview, I was taken up to a room on the third floor. In that room, were several young professionals and not so professionals. My outfit consisted of an orange top with a brown blazer and a red skirt. I wanted to impress the store manager of my use of color, being a designer and all. Our interviewer was to be the head manager when the facility opens. She had pixie styled ginger tresses, wearing a navy blue blazer, and a long skirt. Her excitement radiated because of her smile. But, I can see where she has this strong authority about her because of her demeanor. I didn’t care if she was a bitch or not, all I was thinking was to get a job and fast!

One thing about group interviews: they were competitive. I know that if you are penitent, you would not compare yourself to the other applicants; you have your uniqueness to show. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to out shine the rest of them (even though they needed about 100 employees to add to their autumn roster). An added note, I was out of the job market for about a year, so you can only imagine how border lining desperate I have become. It’s like my persona was Golem in Lord of the Rings. ‘Precious…my dear Precious…’

It did not take that long for me to get hired. I was astounded! The position that was given to me was a part-time HFC or Home, Footwear, and Children s associate. I took it without any qualms. It was a job.

Great! I had my foot on the door. My core told me that I could do this for a brief time and move on to other things. Well, about five and half years later, I sort of regretted not leaving sooner. However, on the flip side though, I did move up the corporate ladder. I was a part-time HFC Associate; a couple of months later, I was a part-time POS (Point of Sale) Supervisor; next, I became a Shoe Specialist, which I enjoyed (I blame this as the Golden Handcuff catalyst); following, a hard-lines Supervisor; and finally, an Area Supervisor for HFC (under the new business process: Home, Footwear, and Center core: Jewelry & Accessories). Once again, I was able to do this all in a span of more than a handful of years.

(To be continued..)





Ok, so this is the route that most people obtain their wealth for the time being. 

I have done this since I was a senior in high school some almost 20 years ago! That is also including going to college full time! 

If this is your niche, more power to you! If you are the kind of person that does not mind working for someone else for years on end; knowing darn well that it is up to fate whether that company you are working for may still be around-- then stay. 

Staying working in a job can be tolerable. Click on to the picture to make it easier for you to be GOLDEN HANDCUFFED.



    Ahh-- the regular 9 to 5 spot. You still have to get interviewed for before you ever land one!


    July 2013